Design and production of special tools

If you are trying to be a step ahead in the ever-changing world of industrial production, it is metalworking an important aspect for your target. We are aware of this, and from our long-term experience and acquired expertise, we know how to be partners in this business environment. We will create solutions and special tools that are in line with your company’s ambitions and will effectively contribute to desired profits.

What do we deal with?

  • Our specialization is the production, renovation and sale of rotary tools made of carbide for metalworking and production of special tools according to the drawings delivered by the customer or by our application engineer.
  • We are committed to constantly improving quality. We statistically analyze key production process data to identify areas for further improvements and enhancements to the quality of the tool.

We are not focus on the mass production of standard tools, but on the production of special tools according to customer requirements.

Our realized production of special tools:

  • To create a tool with the highest precision and specified geometry according to the exact requirements, we create models and tool programs in the latest software releases
  • We use state-of-the-art CNC five-axis grinding machines for production
  • Thanks to high-quality diamond blades, we achieve the best quality of the surface of the manufactured tools

What can you expect from us?

  • Fast offer processing
  • Easy order
  • Guarantee of function, quality and performance for given manufacturing and cutting parameters
  • Attractive delivery times

Do you need to produce a high quality, specific metalworking tool with the highest precision? Contact us for a specific offer.