Technological analysis

We are your reliable and experienced partner in the field of technological analysis of manufacturing processes and consequent optimization of production costs.

Why is technological analysis needed in industry?

Engineering production forms a significant part of the economy and is related to growing global competition. This puts pressure on businesses to make products or services produced at a minimum price. To achieve the minimum price, it is necessary to eliminate the production costs, which are a significant component of the resulting product price.

The main problem of current engineering production is insufficient integration and interconnection of technical and economic parameters and their utilization for optimization of working conditions on production machines and minimization of production costs.

How to reduce production costs?

The most important way to reduce the cost of production with an existing production facility, without further financial investment, is cost optimization of the production process. In our case, this is mainly about the machining process.

Why optimize?

Thanks to the optimization of the production process, the cost of the manufactured part is reduced.

Optimization results are:

  • Optimized cutting conditions
  • Reduction cost per parts
  • Optimized machining program, resp. the production process including the right-selected efficient tools where their maximum productivity is utilized (including dynamic machining).

Before optimizing the cutting conditions, it is advisable to focus on the selection of the cutting tool. It is thus possible to compare individual cost variants for different production machines and tools.

What is required to optimize the production process?

The cost optimization of the machining process can only be done after an initial analysis of the technical and economic factors affecting the process, the subsequent combination of these factors and the finding of the minimum cost of production.

Where can machining be optimized the most?

  • Optimizing the cutting tool
  • Optimization of cutting conditions including tool life
  • Optimization of working conditions, especially cutting (one of the weakest elements of technological preparation of production)

What can you expect from us?

  1. Consultation, analysis
  2. Evaluation of the economics of machining processes
  3. Suggestions for optimization
  4. 3D simulation of the machining process
  5. Optimization of machining processes by our technology experts
  6. Programs for the dynamics machining
  7. Recommendations of productive tools based on the presented optimization and their price offer
  8. Long-term monitoring

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